Largest salami in Americas unveiled in Argentina

The Argentine city of Tandil has produced the largest denomination of origin salami in the Americas, a cured sausage 28.2 meters (92.4 feet) long and weighing 88.2 kilos (194 pounds), organizers of the attempt to set a record in the category said Sunday.

The giant sausage was unveiled on Saturday night by the Salami Denomination of Origin Council in Tandil, a city in the Buenos Aires suburbs known for producing this gastronomic delicacy and its mountains.

The longest salami in the Americas was presented to the public around midnight at the 2016 Mountain Festival, which is taking place in Tandil this weekend.

"Making the largest salami in the Americas is important for promoting Tandil's salami as a successful denomination of origin case in the country and to demonstrate the salami-making expertise of the area's producers," Salami Denomination of Origin Council president Juana Echezarreta said in a statement.

This is the third straight year that the salami record has been broken, festival organizers said.

Tandil salami, the only product of its kind, earned Argentina's first denomination of origin certification for an agroindustrial food product in 2011.

All the ingredients used to prepare the salami come from the Tandil region. EFE

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