Argentina”s President Blasts Opposition Press

31 de enero de 2014, 11:50Buenos Aires, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) President Cristina Fernandez criticized opposition media today for their poor coverage of the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and also for references to her health.

From her Twitter account she specifically criticized Clarin and La Nacion newspapers, two of the main actors in the media campaign against the Government and president Cristina Fernandez.

She criticized Clarin newspaper for its distorted headline on last Sunday: "Cristina spends weekend in Havana"; "What? Any uninformed person could think, well what is she doing on vacation in Cuba? Because they mentioned nothing about CELAC," said Fernandez.

She pointed out that on Sunday she had met with Fidel Castro, who welcomed her at his house and immediately afterwards she held a meeting with Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, who had just arrived to Havana from Lisboa, Portugal.

"Do you know what an opposition newspaper published? Cristina's secret agenda in Cuba," she said.

She also referred to the way the media had covered her health, for instance with her muscle injury, a bursitis in her hip, diagnosed yesterday.

The media said: "Presidential health. Cristina, again in a hospital for tests," while she added that "they even sent photographers expecting to see me going out with crutches, due to the bursitis, which is nothing, just inflammation that will disappear with kinesiology and some ice."

But "when I speak at the Second CELAC Summit, in Havana, along with more than 30 heads of State, and hold three bilateral meetings with presidents from Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay, Clarin and La Nacion remain silent," she said.

In comparison to the many examples of distortion that she mentioned, she urged people to read Gustavo Cirelli's column: "The construction of the agenda", published on Thursday by Tiempo Argentino newspaper, which she described as "an article you should not miss".

She pointed out that the article gives meticulous details about the daily soap-opera of newspapers like La Nacion y Clarin in their references to presidential figure and activities.

"Well, there is nothing new under the sun. Do you know what? With my greatest respect for freedom of the press, I think that the title of the article in the Tiempo Argentino newspaper should have been: The construction of daily lies, pathetic contradictions and permanent catastrophe," said president Cristina Fernandez at her Twitter account.


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